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Cool Videos

These Videos have changed us hopefully for the better…

aisAirplanes in the sky

The life of a change agent is all about building airplanes in the sky… i.e. changing an organisation in flight, rarely are we given the opportunity to pause an organisation while we reorganise.

This is my favourite video to scene set this with a team embarking on change  Airplanes in the Sky


Dan Pink shares some though provoking insights and research findings about what really motivates us.

This is a really useful video for the inevitable question that comes during change regarding motivation, often leaders wander if we are paying enough to get certain behaviours or are considering performance bonuses of some description to try and modify individual behaviour

There are two versions of this video you may enjoy:

jsLean Transformation

This is our favourite Lean Transformation overview video by John Shook.  Borrowing from the Toyota Hoshin House metaphor he outlines the core element required for a successful Lean Transformation.

This is a great video for creating a model for your  Lean Transformation


This is an inspiring video, exhorting us to empower our people, not purely on some ideological grounds but so that so that we can improve performance results.

This is a great video to use with your leadership team, to inspire them to live a culture of empowerment

David Marquet – Greatness

tpnyLean Food Bank

Thanks to Herry Wiputra for sharing this one it is a fantastic story of Lean applied in a real world situation.  The TPS guys headed to NYC to assist a NFP in food distribution post Super Storm Sandy

NYC ‘Lean’ Food Bank


Lean Manager Essentials

Just a really good little video for a simple explanation of Lean Management


The 5 Main Steps of a Lean Manager


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