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Cool Books

These are the books that have shaped our Lean Journey so far.

I also highly recommend the Luna MBA Luna MBA reading list as a great source of some other amazing books

Lead with Respect

Michael Balle

This is the third in the Balle family ‘trilogy’ .

For an IT team this is the ideal tale of lean principles applied. My team at Fuji Xerox used this for our first ‘Lean Book Club’ studying a different chapter each month throughout 2015

Managing to Learn

John Shook

The definitive A3 thinking book.  Each time we have a question with A3’s we find ourselves reaching for this book


Fierce Conversations : Achieving Success at Work and in Life, One Conversation at a Time - Susan ScottFierce Conversations

Susan Scott

Susan Scott makes two compelling points that underpin ‘the why’ for the book, and that have really impacted my team and I:
  1. ….our work, our relationships, [our community, our board, our management team], our very lives succeed or fail gradually, then suddenly, one conversation at a time .
  2. While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of …[our community, our board, our management team] or our life …any single conversation can.


Servant Leadership

Ken Greenleaf

If you want to challenge yourself regarding the very nature of the leader you choose to become this is not a bad place to start


The Goal

Elliot Godratt

Another business fable that demonstrates some foundational principles.  Identifying and addressing your own ‘Herbies’ will become a life long mission.


tsaTurn the Ship Around

David Marquet

The book really is better than the video an awesome story of how David and his crew came to develop accountability and engagement.


tm-tdThe Deadline

Tom De Marco

A beautifully crafted business fable about project management and how ludicrous sometimes people with a deadline can be


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