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Start with the Why


Lynne Cazaly’s awesome infographic on Starting with the ‘Why’ is a personal favourite. This leads us all to a more personal question, what is the ‘Why’ for our lean journey(s)?

My ‘Why’

For me,  I am totally captivated by a Tiger Woods quote from 2005.  At the time he was at the very peak of his career and had decided to change his swing (again).  Each previous time he had changed his swing, he had seen a significant decline in performance and earnings.

Golf Digest asked him basically why bother… his answer…

“…I thought I could be better.”

I pursue my Lean Journeys, to discover how good my team and I can be…

“People thought it was asinine for me to change my swing after I won the Masters by 12 shots. … Why would you want to change that? Well, I thought I could become better. If I play my best, I’m pretty tough to beat. I’d like to play my best more frequently, and that’s the whole idea. That’s why you make changes. I thought I could become more consistent. 

TIGER WOODS, Golf Digest, Jan. 2005″


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