Lean Traveller

Occasional stories, observations and tools from our Lean journeys

Our Journey Legends

These are the people that have helped us on our way so far

Dave Bales

Dave Bales – AgileMe

Dave was our first Agile coach and star facilitator for the many times we played the Lego Game.  Dave is the most quietly spoken trainer I have ever met, yet what he had to show us about Agile said resonated loudly with us all.

Contact Dave on : dave@agileme.co

Jonathan BissJonathan Biss – Manage People Masterfully

Jonathan was a our trusted pilot guide and mentor as we rolled out Straight Talk and then Awesome Conversations. His insight and willingness to go beyond Awesome for us was critical to our Lean success so far…

Contact Jonathan on: jonathanbiss@gmail.com

Michael Balle Michael Balle – Our Virtual Sensei

Michael is the author of numerous Lean books including Lead with Respect which has become our ‘bible’ for how to develop ‘Lean Leaders’.  He has since become a friend and trusted advisor to me and my leadership team

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